Frequently Asked Questions About My Practice


1.  Do you work with other issues besides relationships?

Yes, I work with professionals, who need help with stress management, anxiety, self-esteem, or depression.  I also help people with their careers, whether it’s about getting to the next level in their current profession or changing careers.

2.  Do you work with couples too?

Yes, I work with couples also.  Couples can experience difficulties because they keep repeating patterns with each other; patterns that are detrimental to the relationship.  I help couples to move past those patterns and interact in different, beneficial ways.

I also work with engaged couples, so that they can strengthen their relationship in certain areas before they get married, such as effective communication, value alignment, and agreement on future goals.

3.  What if I want to come in for couples counseling but my partner doesn’t?

Then, by all means, come in on your own.  When there is a shift in one person, it leads to a shift in the relationship also.  For a more detailed response to this common question, check out my blog article What if I Want Couples Counseling but My Spouse Doesn’t?

4.  How long does therapy take?

Because I am both a psychologist and a life coach, I can combine the advantages of psychology and life coaching as we work together.  I provide both short-term, goal-focused therapy and open-ended therapy, and can tailor our work to suit your needs.

5.  Are you going to make me take medication? 

No, I’m a psychologist, so I do talk therapy.  I’m not a psychiatrist, who prescribes medication.  Most of the people I work with never need to take medication.  However, if you or I thought that you could benefit from it, then we would discuss it, and ultimately the choice would be yours.

6.  How do I get started?

Getting started is simple.  Just call (646) 596-6169 to schedule an appointment.


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